What is Labnet?

Labnet is a franchise network of branded Private Laboratories that are owned or operated by AKMLSO members. Labnet uses commercial franchising techniques to increase access to quality assured Laboratory services through its members. In the commercial sector, franchising has proven to be an effective way to replicate a successful business model and efficiently respond to consumer demand for products and services of specified standards. All Laboratories that join the network will be identifiable through a common logo.

Why Join Labnet?

Despite strong commitment from the international community to fight major infectious diseases, weak laboratory infrastructure remains a huge limiting step. Some major challenges facing laboratory systems in resource-poor settings include dilapidated infrastructure; lack of human capacity; poor laboratory policies; lack of strategic plans; and limited synergies between clinical and research laboratories. Together, these factors compromise the quality of test results and impact patient management.

Who Can Join Labnet?

Any AKMLSO member who owns and operates their own private laboratory can seek a licensee to become a Labnet participant. While Labnet is looking to achieve its goals through collaboration it is not mandatory that participants have to meet all the goals at the time of joining. A Laboratory that has already made significant investment in its equipment can still be considered for membership, but will need to commit to progressively move towards full participation and compliance with all Labnet standards and rules.





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