Moses C O Lorre Ag
Moses C O Lorre Ag CEO

LABNET is a national initiative by AKMLSO and PSP4H through funding from DFID that connects private laboratories owned and run by AKMLSO members to bring quality, accessible, affordable and professional medical laboratory services closer to the common man. Professionals bring hands-on experiences to share and learn from each other in all the 47 Counties of Kenya.Labnet is designed to provide a collaborative structure and brand for private medical diagnostic laboratories. Through the network, Member Laboratories will enjoy enormous benefits.

Expertise in a wide range of specialties and opportunities for joint research will be achieved. Professional development programmes will be actively managed by all partners and joint developments shared amongst Labnet members for mutual gain.

Labnet will support integration of pathology services by providing standardized infrastructure layout and processes, a range of services including supervision, cost negotiations, standardization of equipment, business and financial management skills, marketing support, as well as facilitation of acquisition of information technology. Members will have access to a Common quality system, standardized methods of reporting format and strict ethical practice.  Having pioneered the birth of Labnet I wish to encourage our members to take advantage of this rare opportunity and move the practice of medical laboratory science in Kenya to the next level

Harun Anunda
Harun AnundaDirector

The provision of quality Medical Laboratory Services is key in patient care and management both in public and private sector.The private sector play a big role in complementing Government effort in providing health services to Kenyans.There are a number of Kenyans who would like to seek health services and in particular medical laboratory services in private facilities because of one reason or the other, but cost become a major limiting factor as many of them cannot afford due to low income.It is for this reason that the Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory

Scientific Officers (AKMLSO)and Private Sector Innovations for Health (PSP4H) a UKAID supported organization entered into partnership to support private laboratories owned by qualified Association members under Labnet Technologies a network of branded laboratories by improving their business skills and laboratory status which will go a long way in ensuring that they provide affordable laboratory services to needy Kenyans without compromising quality of service and their business income.
It is my hope that the branding of private laboratories as mark of quality will add impetus to the laboratories and also help Kenyans to easily identify laboratories owned by real professionals and where quality matters at low cost.
Members a cross the country are urged to seize this golden opportunity by joining the Network in large numbers as this the only way to have many poor working Kenyans to access quality Laboratory Services in private sector.

Milton Isanya
Milton IsanyaDirector

Effective and efficient provision of laboratory services requires the willingness to find solutions through new approaches. PSP4H (Private Sector Innovation Programme for Health) is empowering Labnet members who are firstly AKLMSO members and secondly owners of private laboratories, that are serving the low income segments in Kenya through capacity building and technical assistance. I am strongly encouraging all qualified members to join Labnet as it is the future of Laboratory science in Kenya.

Safari Kithi
Safari KithiDirector

Holds a bachelors degree in medical laboratory sciences from Mount Kenya university, a higher national diploma in clinical chemistry and a diploma in medical laboratory sciences from Kenya medical training college, Nairobi. Has served in various management capacities in the medical laboratory profession including serving as a director of Labnet Kenya.

Jane Lugaga
Jane LugagaDirector

Assistant Chief Medical Laboratory Technologist – Ministry of Health – Nairobi County

A member of association of Kenya Medical Scientific Officers (AKMLSO) Jane Holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences and a Higher National Diploma in Laboratory Sciences (MICROBIOLOGY)